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Dimensional Paintings
Over the past 2 years we have been making a gradual transition from our former work: fabric-mache sculptures. 
 We will not be taking the sculptures to art fairs, but we do still have a few of  them available for purchase or special order.
Please check out the "Life Size" page or the "Bathing Beauty" page to see what we have.
David Jellema and Ruth Petersen Jellema
A dimensional painting begins as either a solid piece of fiberboard or a stretched canvas.  We use a variety of fibers: papers, cardboards, fabric, all saturated with glue  to build up a three dimensional design.  
When everything is dry and hard, we paint with acrylic paints.  
The result is a lightweight painting with relief details. 
Sizes range from small 8" x 8" square to 2' x 4' and mostly have a nature theme.
We are a married couple who met in college and have been making our living
 making and selling artwork together for many years.
Our home and studio are in the picturesque small town of Rockford, Michigan 
where the dramatic change  of seasons is also a work of art.
Our work has changed may times over the years, but the one constant has been fabric,  We've batiked it, silkscreened it, stitched it, stuffed it, and painted it.
We have recently transitioned from 3-dimensional fabric sculptures of women 
to flatter pieces we call dimensional paintings.  
We use a variety of materials to build up a relief design but, true to our roots,
 the final layers are fabric saturated with glue.  
We then paint with acrylic paints,
We are currently house and studio bound, but we can produce and ship 
special orders.  We hope to see you at an art fair soon.
W E ' R E    B A C K  ! ! !

                     The weekend of June 4-6  will find us at 
                   Cincinnati's Coney Island for Summerfair.

                                    We are so excited to be back 
                          and have a lot of new work to share.

                 Please check the schedule page - we're adding
                more shows all the time!  Hope to see you soon.