for more information or to order, phone or text 616-450-0440 
or e-mail rdfabrications@runbox.com
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Fabrications are lightweight wall sculptures completely handmade from multiple layers of hardened fabric. They are created individually in the studio of husband-and-wife team David Jellema and Ruth Petersen Jellema in Rockford, Michigan. Designs range from small, whimsical plaques to large life sized groupings of multiple figures.

The best place to purchase a FABRICATIONS design is at an art fair. You can stand in the booth and look at many pieces, talk face to face with the artist, and take a piece home with you. Check out the schedule page to see where we will be.

Also, you can order a piece by phoning 616-450-0440 or
 e-mailing rdfabrications@runbox.com. 
You can order exactly what you want in the size and colors you want. Since each piece is individually made, there is no extra cost for special orders.

Here are some of our most recent designs

Our next show:
August 29 - 30, 2015
Green Bay, Wisconsin
space #116
just for fun
we made some
long, skinny pieces !
New designs!
We just designed mirror versions of our Whimsical Words plaques.  They are about 12" X 16" and are priced @ $95