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​We make bathing beauties in 2 sizes.  The larger size figure (above)  is about 18" tall and comes in single figures as well as multiples joined together.

The mini size figures (below) are about 7" tall.  They only come in groupings and are mounted to a background which can also have a mirror. The mirror is surrounded by crushed glass and shells.

Skin, hair, and backgrounds are textured taupe.
Bathing suits can be made in any color as well as plain colors or prints.
You can order any color you want, but we find it helpful to group the colors
 into 4 families:

bright red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange

pastel pink, aqua, yellow, blue, lavender, coral, etc.

pastel blue, aqua, teal, 
green, purple

black with gold, silver, bronze
Bikini Row with beach and flip-flops 
mini triple bathing beauty mirror     
12" x 16"          $75

3 Bathing Beauties + beach and flip-flops
approx. 28" wide by 22" high
approx. 24" wide  22" highc

Triple Bathing Beauties
Grouping of single Bathing Beauties
$80 each
single Bathing Beauty
Beach House Rules
14" by 20"       $125
small arch top mirror
12" x 17"                    $100
mini 4 bathing beauty mirror
12" x 16"               $100
5 bathing beauty mirror
18" x 24"               $175
 large arch top mirror
18" x 30"          $325
12 bathing beauty lineup
12" x 36"               $325