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Bathing Beauties - $80 each
Each bathing beauty wearing a hat and bathing suit is about 18" high. 
 Skin, hair, and hat are all finished in textured taupe. 
 Bathing suits can be 1 or 2 piece and painted any plain color or with prints or dots.
A bathing beauty can be hung alone or grouped with others.
When hung with overlapping hats, the appearance is of a single piece.

triple bathing  beauties
with beach and flip-flops - $325
28" wide X 24" high

These are miniature versions of the larger bathing beauties at the bottom of the page.  
Each figure is about 7" tall and slightly raised from the background. 
 They wear bathing suits and hats and sit on a sandy beach. 
The design  can also include a mirror framed with colored glass pebbles.
You can choose amounts of figures, hairstyles and colors,  and styles and colors of bathing suits.

3 bathing beauties - $60
12" X 12"

3 bathing beauties mirror - $75
12" wide X 16" high
​6" X 8" mirror
5 bathing beauties - $100
12" high X 16" wide
5 bathing beauties mirror (detail) - $125
16" wide X 16" high
​6" X 12" mirror
12 bathing beauties - $275         36" wide X 14" high          
grouping of 3 bathing beauties - $80 each
Mini bathing beauties
single bathing beauty - $80
Of course you can order any color you want, but we find it helpful to group them into
 4 families:

bright red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange

pastel pink, aqua, yellow, blue, lavender, coral, etc.

pastel blue, aqua, teal, 
green, purple

black with gold, silver, bronze
Bikini Row
plus beach and flip-flops 
bathing beauty
   key holder