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Life Sized Designs and Mermaids               
These are samples of some of our life sized designs.  
We design and build each piece individually so that each piece has its own unique details.
The finish on the skin and hair is a textured taupe.  Other colors are up to you.
 The sizes listed are approximate and the price may vary depending on details.

individual reflections 
$250 each
approx.13" wide X 17" high

Beach Babes - $975
​36" wide X 22" high
bathing suits can by painted any solid color or print
Pool Party - $975
approx. 48" wide X 36" high
bathing suits can be painted any solid color or print
Lenore - $575
approx. 18" wide X 44" high

Alana - $475
approx. 18" wide X 44" high

Beach Babes
$325 each
Shades - $775
Call, text or e-mail to discuss a custom order.

5 figure Shades or Reflections
Beach Babes
individual Pool Party figure
Sophie - $400
Life sized mermaids
approx. 5' tall by 3' Wide
$1200 - $2000 depending on details
Each mermaid - both life sized and smaller - are custom built.  There are many possibilities for body position, colors, and details.
vertical mermaid - $400
approx. 40" tall by 14" wide
flipped tail mermaid - $400
approx. 34" tall by 16" wide
horizontal mermaid - $400
approx. 24" high by 40" wide
mermaid mirror - $450
approx. 24" by 24"